Botox is a bacterial toxin obtained from botulunium toxin. It is not a snake venom as popularly said. This protein relaxes the muscles in the area where it is used, making the skin taut for a certain period of time and thus making it look younger.

Who is Botox applied to?

Botox is generally used to remove crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes and to correct eyebrows that have fallen over time. It is also used safely in forehead wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles.
The patient group that gets the best results from botox application is the group of patients who have the right botox application at the right time. Since the wrinkles do not become clear enough in the botox application performed before and at a young age, a difference that will please the patient may not be felt after the application.

In the application to patients who are older than necessary and whose wrinkles are very advanced and deepened; The desired improvement in wrinkles may not be achieved with only botox, these patients should be informed about botox and or other aesthetic applications after a detailed examination.

Botox application is only done by an experienced physician in a clinical setting.

Botox drug is prepared and injected into the desired muscles with very fine needles. There will be very little burning sensation in the application area. This feeling will pass by itself in a short time (10-20 minutes).

Botox application takes 10-20 minutes. After the application, the person can return to his social life with suggestions.

Botox does not have an immediate effect after application. The effect of Botox begins to be seen 3-4 days after the application, 15 days must be waited for the full effect to be seen.

The latest version of Botox application will be seen after 15 days.

The effect after botox application lasts for 4-6 months with a general approach. The duration of effect of botox is slightly longer in patients who receive botox application regularly.

Who is Botox not applied to?

Botox application is definitely not applied to those who have a disease related to the musculoskeletal system (myasthenia gravis, MS). Also, those who take some antibiotic (aminoglycoside group…) treatment, those who take anti-inflammatory drugs; It is not applied to those taking muscle relaxant (tubocurarine…) drugs. These drugs can increase the effect of the toxin.

Botox application is not applied to pregnant and lactating women with an ethical approach.
In addition, those who take aspirin and similar anticoagulants may need to stop taking the drug by consulting their physician 3 days before the application.

Botox application gives very good results to the right patient, with the right drug, after the right application. Botox application to young and old patients when necessary may result in disappointment.

Recommendations after applying Botox

Some suggestions should be considered after botox application. Some undesirable effects of botox application may occur in cases where the recommendations are not followed.

The general approach with suggestions is to ensure that the botox drug applied after the detailed examination of the physician does not move anywhere other than the muscle where it is applied.

After the application, the application areas should not be massaged, pressed or rubbed for 10 days. These movements may cause the drug to go to other places.

You should not sleep face down for 10 days after the application.

A very hot shower should not be taken for 24 hours after the application.

After the application, one should not enter the pool and sunbathe for a few days.